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3D weaving
technical textiles

Project, development and production in the textile sector.

+ 2M of produced products

+ 20 years in the textile market

+ 25 thousand customers served

Processes generated by clean energy


What do you find at merlintec

From apparel to technical textiles, we seek to meet the highest functional requirements, developing complex products with different raw materials, ensuring high performance and comfort.

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Why choose merlintec

Latest technology in machinery

German  weaving machines optimized for advanced designs.

Design and development team

Design designed for every need.

Quality raw materials

We work with the best input suppliers on the market.

Productive sustainability

Clean energy and 3D processes without waste generation. 


+ de 170 mil garrafas PET recicladas em produtos 

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Main products manufactured

Endless Possibilities

Serviced brands and partners

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  • What products does Merlintec produce?
    Technical textiles: 3D KNIT upper, 3D KNIT sneakers, 3D KNIT masks, orthopedic knee pads, compression top, compression leggings, compression accessories, meter structured fabrics, 3D KNIT structured fabrics . Textiles with smart fibers: Permanent UV 50+ protection, permanent anti-odor and anti-sweat properties, permanent antiviral and antibacterial properties, properties for fast sweat evaporation, Easy-Care: Easy to wash and fast drying, properties that help improve blood circulation, raw material that absorbs heat from the human body and emits long infrared rays back to the body, among others. Knitwear: Sweaters, pants, cardigans, V-neck, crew neck, polo collar, set sleeves, raglan sleeves. Weaving Knit&Wear: Sweaters, long sleeve blouses, short sleeve blouses, pants and leggings.
  • Is Merlintec a clothing brand?
    No! Merlintec is configured as a textile industry, working on projects, developments and production of textile products for brands and partners.
  • What is 3D weaving?
    3D weaving, also known as 3D KNIT or 3DTEX, consists of obtaining angles within a given textile product in straight knitting. Used in several applications, this production mode generates fabrics in three-dimensional formats, which can be applied in several sectors. The best-known application today is in uppers (upper part of a sneaker), 3D weaving makes it possible to obtain a three-dimensional upper that adapts to the shape of the foot without the need for seams. In addition to the possibility of varying properties such as density, tensioning and grammage, 3D weaving significantly reduces processes within the footwear production chain, cuts and scraps are almost non-existent, contributing to sustainability in production.
  • How do I contact?
    You can contact us through our contact email: or via the contact form available at the bottom of the page. We are available for more information about our products and services.
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